Jasper Resources B.V. was registered in Holland in 2013 with office address in Brielle, and its wholly-owned affiliate, Jasper Resources GmbH is registered in Germany, with office address in Zehdenick (together called Jasper). Jasper was set up to pursue petroleum exploration opportunities in Central and Northern Europe, initially with focus on Germany. The business strategy of Jasper is to identify, appraise and develop conventional oil and gas deposits. The founders and the management team of the company are a group of well-respected professionals with an extensive international experience in the oil & gas industry including operations in Germany.

Since incorporation, Jasper has successfully acquired an exploration license Zehdenick Nord in the German state of Brandenburg. The area was extensively explored by the East German national company, Erdöl-Erdgas-Gommern (EEG) in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s before modern exploration and production technologies such as 3D seismic and horizontal wells where introduced. EGG has been successful in discovering and developing the Altmark gas field in 1968, and also made gas discoveries in the Zehdenick area at a depth of approximately 4100 m. Jasper’s plan is to continue the work of EGG by exploring this conventional gas discovery using modern exploration methods. Our aim is to provide Germany with a valuable additional gas resource from Zehdenick Nord for the future. As part of the exploration program Jasper is also planning to collect data for future alternative geothermal projects.

All planned operations, including seismic measurements and drilling, will be handled with care. Accordingly Jasper has a strong focus on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and is committed to carry out all operations without any danger or damage to people or environment.