Gas in Zehdenick – investing in the future

In the future of energy transition nuclear and coal have lost their leading role. The energy mix is changing towards alternatives such as solar, wind and hydroelectric. Oil and in particular gas will, however still remain a very important source at least in the near term future to fill the need for energy and not least because not every day the sun shines or the wind blows.

Germany imports 97% of its oil consumption and 85% of its gas consumption. The currently known gas reserves in German will only last for about another 10 years and the dependence on imports from Northern Europe and in particular Russia is increasing.

To increase domestic reserves is therefore important to secure future gas supply. Our Zehdenick project could form an important part of the future energy supply for Germany. The gas project has great potential, but is still not free from risks. We need to investigate how much gas is there in the ground and how a development of this gas can be done. The gas is located in a sandstone reservoir at approximately 4100m depth and has a low calorific value. To drill for this gas and the processing of this gas will therefore be very large cost items. Nevertheless, the project can have a high positive influence for gas supply in Germany and locally on Zehdenick, as it had in the past for Salzwedel when the largest gas field in Germany, the Altmark, was discovered and developed.

In a success case we are planning a conventional gas development and production from Zehdenick-Nord that meets all modern safety standards.

Europe is a leader in safety and environmental standards for our industry. Their observance is our only benchmark, our „license to operate“!