Phase of a gas project

The project lifetime can be long as much as 40-50 years, and is separated into phases. The main phases are the exploration and in a success case followed by the production phase. The Zehdenick Nord Project is currently in the exploration phase and more precisely in the evaluation phase. Gas under Zehdenick has been proven by Erdöl-Erdgas-Gommern (EEG) in the 1970ies. Jasper is now evaluation how much gas there is, and if successfull the next phase will be the development and production of the gas.

In the exploration phase most work is done by experts in offices and only when new data are required then actual work will take place in the license acreage such as seismic data acquisition or exploration drilling. Once this phase is successfully completed the production phase will be initiated, and more permanent work in very selected area will start such as construction of production facilities and drilling of production wells.

All steps and plans in all phases of the project are to be approved by mining and environmental authorities, and again local communities and all other „Träger öffentlicher Belange (TÖBs)” will be heard at an early stage and recommendations will be integrated in our plans.